A. The JSBC online course material is made available to the user through a learning management system software called Canvas. This is not software that you install on your computer, rather it is located on a web site (JSBC.instructure.com) and runs within a web browser on your computer. You will log into Canvas using a user ID and password. You will then have access to the electronic documents and video files for the course in which you are enrolled.

B. After purchasing and enrolling in your course you will be advised via email as to how to access your course online.

C. Working With Canvas - Learning Management System - (LMS)
  1. We have designed the classes in such a way that they are totally self enclosed. By this we mean that the student will not be required to interact with other students or be in contact with a professor.
  2. This approach allows the student a vast amount of freedom in choosing the time that he or she desires to study. There are no specific due dates on assignments, only a recommended schedule that the student is encouraged to follow in order to complete the course within the 16 week time constraint. Students may study at the pace that best fits their life and circumstance.
  3. Once the student enters into the Canvas system all assignments and responsibilities are easy to access and explained so simply that some may even feel insulted at the simplicity of the instructions. The process as to how to do the assignments can be quickly and easily learned. A training video as to how to operate in Canvas is included in every course. We have set up a series of lectures, reading assignments, handouts, quizzes, and exams, all of which will be viewed, distributed, and graded within the Canvas website.
  4. Since all grading is done by the LMS the student will be able to see his or her grades immediately upon completion and submission of assignments or tests.
  5. While there may be benefits lost by the inability to participate with others, we feel that the information we will be providing is presented in such a way that the individual student will gain an understanding and insight to the subjects at hand without the need of class discussion boards, etc.


A. Our contract with Canvas allows students to communicate with Canvas support teams directly should problems with Canvas arise. You can contact Canvas at:

1. 1-844-214-8789
2. Click on “Help” at the top right of screen within Canvas.

B. For any questions or problems regarding the courses the student should email us at online@JSBC.edu.