A. The online courses for JSBC use the latest features in online teaching technology; consequently, you need to ensure that your personal computing resources can support this technology. This technology consists of a learning management system and a streaming video player. If you attempt to use a computer that does not meet these minimum hardware and software specifications, or if your Internet service does not provide a high speed broadband connection, then you will not have success in accessing the course materials. Below are the basic guidelines of what you would need relative to equipment and internet access.

B. Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  1. 2.2 GHz processor (minimum dual core)
  2. 2 GB RAM
  3. 1280x1024 display
  4. 128MB video memory
  5. Windows 7 or higher/Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
C. Minimum Software Requirements:

  1. A Web browser compatible with Canvas (Click here for a list of Canvas-compatible browsers)
  2. Microsoft Word 2007 or newer
  3. Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or newer
  5. Antivirus software (Click here to download free Microsoft Security Essentials)
  6. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  7. (JSBC recommends that you uncheck the option to the optional McAfee Security Scan Plus as it may conflict with your AV software above)
  8. Adobe Flash (Version v10.0.124 or Later)
  9. Windows Media Player 11 or newer
  10. Java - latest version